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First Alaskans Institute Announces 2019 Elders & Youth Keynotes and Highlights

Celebrate critical importance and diversity of our Alaska Native languages at the First Alaskans Institute 36th Annual Elders & Youth Conference (Elders & Youth). Our theme, “Qaneryararput Yugtun Piniqerput” (Yup’ik) and “Qaneryararput Cugtun Kayuqerput” (Cup’ik) loosely translates into English as “Language is Our Superpower.” To learn, live and speak our languages every day, a direct line to our Ancestors and the living personification of our beautiful lands of Alaska, brings us both backwards and forwards in time! As indigenous peoples alive today, we get to be part of the generation who keep the fires of our languages alive, and that makes us stronger. We proudly announce our keynote speakers who will speak to this theme (read more)

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